At this moment, the SS UNITED STATES is still for sale. And yes, interest in the ship continues to grow. Letters to the editor, letters to elected officials, word of mouth and a growing presence on the net are continuing to attract attention to the monumental liner. Go to Britannica's site or any search engine on the web and search for the SS UNITED STATES. You'll see. Chances are, you've helped put her on the map again.

The most recent media attention the ship made was on July 7 & 8, 2001 when Philadelphia's WPVI TV 6 came aboard ship and interviewed former crew members. The story ran several times

Reporter Rose Tibayan produced a report that took viewers on a rare tour of the great liner. You can order a video copy of the news report and see the interior and get an idea for yourself how the Big U is holding up. The piece features several "talking heads" (interviews) but best of all is the shot featuring Rose walking in one of the two 375-foot long enclosed promenades aboard the Big U. Take a look and see how easy it is to picture Rose and a couple thousand others enjoying a renewed SS UNITED STATES. If you have a credit card you can call and order the news clip on video from: News Watch Phone: 215-836-7340 Price $37.50 (postage paid) News Watch offers a video clipping service providing tape copies of any TV reports on any subjects in Philadelphia or elsewhere nationwide. For details contact Mark Horwitz via email at

A recent story in the Philadelphia Business Journal is the latest media spotlight that has included interest from the New York Times, Philadelphia Daily News, Philly and Pennsylvania Television Stations, Radio Stations and national and international wire coverage from the Associated Press.
The outlook? One must say it continues to be positive.

The future? Actually it's simple. The SS UNITED STATES represents an incredible opportunity for "someone" to step forward and transform the Big U of present into one of the most unique sailing vessels ever.

That "someone"may be a private individual. A business corporation. Or that someone might be the government. Or a combination of all of the above.

Restoring the ship is of course a daunting task. There are easier ways to make money. There are plenty of lower risk opportunities. But there is only one SS UNITED STATES. A ship with a past, a national treasure, a feat of engineering and a ship with a future full of potential.
Sailing the ship into any port will turn heads. The powerful profile she still cuts to this day simply screams out with strength and grace. In marketing terms - the unique signature of the SS UNITED STATES is invaluable and unduplicated. There is no other Big U.

William Francis Gibbs, Gibbs & Cox architects, and Newport News Shipbuilding workers and engineers created a ship that you might as well compare to the space shuttle. The engineering, the safety, the speed and beauty. And best of all - she was an all American beauty too - crowned with those brilliant red, white and blue funnels towering overhead. So I ask, "what would you do if I invited you to a 4th of July open house next year on her 50th anniversary aboard the SS UNITED STATES?" Do you think you'd drop your old traditional plans and be there - wherever there is? I suspect you and millions of others if we could make it so.

What city wouldn't want the Big U to grace their skyline? If her mission is mobile - she'll be a crowd pleaser at every port of call. If her mission be stationery - she'll become a landmark that stands among the other greats, such as the St. Louis Arch, the Golden Gate, or the Empire State Building.
What an amazing national treasure.


Children's Big U Book. Kid's Stuff...For your Kid's Library... You can now order a new children's book with the Big U as the centerpiece of a sentimental story perfect for kids. CLICK HERE for ordering information.

Come take a walk of the Big U Superstructure... If you think the architecture of the Big U is perfect, then you'll enjoy this short photo tour dedicated to the forward superstructure of the ship. Click here and bring your friends.

Pictured at top: The Radar Tower and world's largest funnels top the SS UNITED STATES taken from the port bridge wing aboard the ship in Philadelphia. Below: Massive metal links in this chain help show that everything about the Big U is Big!

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